Our Story

🌟 Welcome to the world of elegance and style! 🌟

Hey there, lovely souls! I'm Brenda, and I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce myself and our little slice of fashion paradise, @chlozo_elegant_apparel.

Nestled in the heart of Dannevirke, I'm a proud wife and a mom to two incredible daughters, Zoe and Chloe. They are the inspiration behind our brand, as their names have been woven together to create the essence of what we stand for.

Since our arrival in beautiful New Zealand in 2019, we've been welcomed with open arms and hearts full of Kiwi generosity. It's been a heartwarming journey, and we're so grateful to be a part of this vibrant community.

By day, I'm lucky enough to teach some of the most amazing teenagers you could ever meet. They bring boundless joy to my life, just like the passion I have for all things colorful and chic. I firmly believe that every day is a chance to strut your stuff in the finest outfit from your closet. Dressing well? That's a form of self-care, a daily reminder that you're worth it.

At Chlozo Elegant Apparel, our mission is simple yet powerful: we're here to empower you with stylish, elegant dresses that'll help you conquer social anxiety, own the room at social gatherings, rock the office, and most importantly, rediscover your own self-love. Life's demands can be relentless, but we're here to create a sanctuary of beauty amidst it all.

So, dear friend, I'm beyond excited to have you here with us. Your thoughts, suggestions, and simply sharing your life stories mean the world to us. Together, we'll make fashion not just about looking good, but about feeling confident, embracing your unique beauty, and celebrating life.

Thank you for being a part of our growing family. Always remember, you are absolutely beautiful, inside and out! 😍✨



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Great style

Perfect size, great material my to go shopπŸ’ƒ for functions


Best fabric the pattern is unique and fashion forward. Love it to bitsπŸ’•πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

Quality and size

Amazing fabric soft and elegant. The size fitted me perfectly

Elegant and stylish

Perfect fit ,true to size,its very stylish and elegant.good quality material.i really recommend